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This page provides a method of downloading a copy of my Goodies package for Dolphin 6.1b2. This contains a number of small, and some not-so-small, extra packages that can be installed into the Dolphin image to provide missing or enhanced functionality.

A lot of these extra packages have evolved over the lifetime of Dolphin Smalltalk, being updated when a new version was released, so the code may not always be the best practice in the current version (disclaimer #1).

There is some documentation, but not much. I hate writing documentation and it shows -- sorry! (disclaimer #2). I am however always happy to respond to questions, bug reports or whatever. I can be contacted at the address below, or through the Dolphin newsgroup.

All of the packages were originally written because I had a use for them, and mostly just perform the tasks I wanted to solve. I'm sure there are many enhancements that could be added to them...one day maybe! (disclaimer #3)


You can download the current version of the goodies, for Dolphin 6.1b2, from goodies6g.zip. The zipped file is 211KB in size and is dated February 6 2012.

If you are looking for goodies written for a previous Dolphin version then please email me at the address given below.


Once you have downloaded the file you will need to unzip it to extract the folder containing the Dolphin packages. The complete folder, named "Idb", should be extracted to the folder in which you Dolphin image files are stored, normally "Users\(username)\My Documents/Dolphin Smalltalk X6.1". You should end up with a folder structure something like ...

	..My Documents
		Dolphin Smalltalk X6.1
			etc. (i.e. Dolphin image files)
				Resources (i.e. Bitmaps and Icons used by the goodies)
				etc. (i.e. Goodies packages)

Once you have the "Idb" folder then you can open Dolphin Smalltalk and install the required goodies packages using the PackageBrowser.


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