Ian's Dolphin Smalltalk Pages



These pages provide some additional resources for Dolphin Smalltalk, a commercial programming environment based on the Smalltalk language and available from Object Arts.

The News Archive page contains copies of the articles posted to the original Object Arts newsgroup/mailing list and the current newsgroup: comp.lang.smalltalk.dolphin.

The Goodies page provides some enhancements and add-ons (goodies) for the current Dolphin Smalltalk release.

The Links page has links to some useful Smalltalk related pages along with some personal favourites.

The About page has a brief description of Smalltalk and the Dolphin implementation.

Recent(ish) or Notable Updates

7 June 2014: Uploaded newsgroup articles for March, April and May.

6 February 2012: Updated Goodies to 6g; just tidying up, mostly to contact details and other messages. Removed (useless) documentation folder.

21 June 2006: Updated Goodies to 6f; adding the IDB IDE Variables Extension package.

21 November 2005: Started updating site for Dolphin 6 (still in progress (!) I'm afraid)

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