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This page contains download links to the Dolphin newsgroup archive files. Each file contains all the relevant articles posted to the newsgroups or mailing list during the period shown. The articles within each text file are sorted according to posting date and only contain the original text, no attachments are included.

If you require an attachment from one of the articles then please email me at the address below, giving the posting date and author, and I will be happy to send it to you.


Period File Size (KB) Articles
1997 1997.zip 779 2271
1998 1998.zip 974 2949
1999 1999.zip 1191 3240
2000 2000.zip 1681 4436
2001 2001.zip 1514 3346
2002 2002.zip 1184 3203
2003 2003.zip 1136 2808
2004 2004.zip 1176 3053
2005 2005.zip 1114 3461
2006 2006.zip 1458 3854
2007 2007.zip 602 1627
2008 2008.zip 219 726
2009 2009.zip 365 988
2010 2010.zip 297 878
2011 2011.zip 246 703
2012 2012.zip 104 293
2013 2013.zip 36 110
2014 2014.zip 32 93
Period File Size (KB) Articles
Jan 2014m1.zip 4 16
Feb 2014m2.zip 6 25
Mar 2014m3.zip 3 5
Apr 2014m4.zip 3 11
May 2014m5.zip 17 36

These files can either be browsed using a normal text editor or, more usefully, using the DSDN (Dolphin Smalltalk Documentation and News) application available from Bill Schwab's DSDN page. This is a tool which collects together information from the Dolphin image, Education Centre and Newsgroup Archive files downloaded from this page and allows them to be viewed and searched as one resource.

A standalone news archive browser is included in my standard Goodies package.

The full uncompressed archive contains a total of 38029 articles and needs 48.6 MB of disc space.

The zip files for 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000 contain all the news articles for the appropriate year organized into four text files, one for each quarter; from 2001 onwards this yearly zip file will contain the articles on a monthly basis. The articles for individual months in the current year will also be available as a single zipped text file and be made available on the first day (usually) of the following month.


The contents of these files are all the articles that I have seen in the Dolphin Newsgroups or on the Dolphin Mailing List during the period indicated. I have however removed ...

I have made no changes to the content of any of the articles available in this archive so the views expressed within them are those of the original author.

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