Month: October 2016

Can Anyone Become a Programmer?


Our professional life comes with great significance for the overall quality of life. Everyone, even the most attractive London girl, dream of becoming good in every area of their existence: family, personal, social and the professional life. Feeling like you have a special purpose to achieve and struggling to get there every time is what keeps us motivated every day.

The same as others do, we all focus on making our dreams come true. From an early age, we start envisioning ourselves doing a certain job. We choose our career based on our knowledge and skills as well as according to what society considers best in terms of financial statuses.

Choosing the Right Career Path – Become a Programmer

By the end of high school, we all try to discover what might be the right career path for ourselves. Some choose to become popular girls, because they are good-looking, smart and see themselves living the luxurious life that offers them the chance to travel a lot and meet new people every day.

Sometimes we are really talented in doing something whereas other times we would like to achieve new skills in a certain field of activity so that we might become good at something else. The IT field of activity is the most popular one around the world these days.

There are great jobs in this area and good payment waits for those who manage to gain the necessary know-how and practical abilities to become programmers for example. There are numerous attractive girls who have also managed to gain new skills in time from programmers they have met and spent some quality time with on various occasions.

Can Anyone Work in This Field?

The question here is whether everyone, even girls or someone that currently has any other jobs can actually turn into a programmer just because that person wants to. The real answer is definitely not or at least not a very good one. In order to become a person working with code, you need to have advanced mathematical and logical know-how.

Furthermore, you need to be ready to come up with solutions that may not be too obvious and transpose them into perfect, functional code. It is definitely not something easy to do and talent has an important role in the scheme. It is one thing to be a gorgeous London girl, a travel agent, a sales person, a doctor and something totally different to be a good programmer.

There is a lot to know so as to turn into a person capable of creating code from scratch. Everyone can learn to understand or write a few lines of code in various programming languages but without talent and years of applied studies and practical work you cannot just be a person working with code that will do something noticeable in this field of activity.

In the end, it is always better to gain new knowledge and skills for our life. As far as the career path goes, it is always better to do what you are actually good at. If you feel like your purpose is to be a gorgeous London girl, do that. If you can save lives, choose to be a doctor instead. Do not dream of becoming a programmer just because it is considered a popular job.