Month: November 2017

Best homemade treatments for eyelash growth

Treatments for eyelash growth

Long eyelashes that adorn and beautify your appearance are the dream of any woman. The unfortunate ladies who have to struggle with short and flimsy lashes know just how vital this apparently insignificant aspect is for them. For many years they have tried all the cosmetic products on the market and various brands of eyeliner to grow longer hairs on their eyelids, but without noticing any differences.

Fortunately, there are a few simple tricks to grow longer lashes without spending a great deal of money. The best homemade treatments for eyelash growth have their efficiency, and they have finally been combined into one extraordinary eyelash enhancer like Idol Lash that guarantees darker and thicker lashes in less than six weeks.

The best ingredients for your eyelashes

If you are cash-strapped but you still want to grow longer eyelashes, you can use simple homemade treatments that enhance your lashes with zero side effects. Olive oil compresses, Aloe Vera dips, and lemon peel rubs are all known and proven to sustain lash growth. Using these tricks on a daily basis will provide you with shiny, delicate and long hairs on your eyelids.

Homemade remedies for eyelash growth are efficient but time-consuming. A better and quicker way of developing long, shiny eyelashes is using Idol Lash – a natural lash enhancer that combines all the powerful ingredients commonly known to guarantee eyelash growth.

One lash growth treatment to rule them all

Idol Lash may look like regular eyeliner, but in fact, it is an easy to use remedy for short lashes that you can safely use at home. It guarantees a 24/7 moisturizing effect and a natural rejuvenation of the follicles on your eyelids, which finally receive the necessary nutrients to boost their hair growth capacity.

Long-term treatment with this product is cost-effective, easy to use and 100% sure of providing you with the thick, dark lashes that you have always dream about.