Homemade cures to stop the bleeding

cures to stop the bleeding

The first thing that most people feel when they develop hemorrhoids is the embarrassment. Very few individuals feel comfortable talking about their condition with their family, their friends or even their doctors. If you are in the same position, you will be glad to know that there are some useful homemade cures to stop the bleeding without having to confess it to anyone. Here they are:

Salt and Glycerin

Mix 2-3 tablespoons of glycerin with two tablespoons of salt and dissolve them in roughly one liter of warm water. It might sound like the beginning of a cooking recipe, but this mix is effective against hemorrhoids in the first stages of the condition. The cloudy mixture that results from this process alleviates the rash and provides soothing relief from pain that lasts for as much as six hours.

If you want to extend the pain-free period to more hours and even days, you should use Venapro instead. This medically tested remedy for hemorrhoids gets rid of the pain and shrinks the swollen anal veins back to their natural size in just a few weeks of treatment. You can safely use this cure for piles in the comfort of your home without sharing it with anyone.

Tea tree oil

Extensive use of salt baths may lead to an adverse side effect: sodium-induced rashes. This means that while you get relief from the burning sensation caused by piles, you develop a secondary rash produced by sodium. An alternative to this remedy is to use tea tree oil. Combine this anti-inflammatory extract with warm water and apply it to your rectal wounds several times per day to escape the pain.

For a long-term solution for hemorrhoids try Venapro – a natural cure that combines vitamins and herbal extracts – tea tree oil included – to treat piles permanently. Daily use of this treatment restores your full health and prevents your anal veins from swelling again.

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